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5 Signs of Failing AC Capacitors

AC Capacitors are a crucial part of any Air conditioner. They are small cylindrical part that is found inside the cabinet of any AC unit. AC Capacitors failing is a very common issue, which is majorly caused due to excessive heating. However, knowing about it, well in advance, is not so common and hence, we bring you 5 signs of a failing AC Capacitor.

  1. AC unit is blowing hot air: An AC unit that is not blowing cool air could have many defective parts. It is always recommended to keep your AC unit in a shaded and cool area because excessive heating causes less efficiency.
  2. Rising electricity bills- Many home owners just complain that their electricity bill is increasing, but they don’t realize that is because of their inefficient AC Capacitor. This means that your Capacitor is using a lot of energy. Such capacitors don’t work for a long time. They can stop performing anytime.
  3. AC unit turns off anytime- AC unit turning off anytime is a sign that the capacitor is no longer providing sufficient energy to the unit, as it is no longer holding enough charge to sustain the overall operation. This is an indication that your AC Capacitor needs to be replaced at the earliest.
  4. AC unit doesn’t turn on immediately- Your AC capacitor needs a lot of energy to build enough charge to turn on the AC unit. This means, that you need to immediately call an expert technician to check your capacitor.
  5. You hear a strange humming sound- If your AC unit is sounding weird while it’s working, there is a possibility that your AC Capacitor has started to fail.

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