Capacitors Manufacturers and Suppliers in INDIA

We are known for our extensive range of superior quality capacitors- AC capacitors, Motor Run Capacitors, Dry Motor Fan Capacitors, Starting Motor Capacitors, High Voltage AC Capacitors etc. Established in the industry since more than 2 decades, we stand on our passion for innovation and our comprehensive gamut of electrical solutions that caters to all kind of segments.

AC Capacitors

An AC capacitor is the backbone of your air conditioner. It provides the initial jolt of electricity that your AC’s motors need for a successful operation.

MPP Capacitors For Agriculture Use

Known for its high insulation resistance ability, our MPP capacitors for agriculture use are ideal for any agricultural business.

MPP Capacitors For Motor Run

We use sophisticated manufacturing technology and state-of-the-art research for making MPP Capacitors for Motor Run

MPP Capacitors For Fans

Under the guidance of specialized engineers, we design and manufacture MPP Capacitors for Fans.

There are 3 types of LT Power Capacitors- MPP Oil Filled Capacitors, MPP Dry Capacitors and MPP Cylindrical Capacitors

MPP Capacitors For Air Condition

Flawless functioning and great performance are the top-most features of our MPP Capacitors for Air Condition.

MPP Capacitors For Motor Start

Our MPP Capacitors for Motor Start comes with reduced energy consumption and improved power quality.

MPP Dual Capacitors For Washing Machine

Looking for an ideal MPP Dual Capacitor for Washing Machine? You’re at the right stop!