MPP Capacitors For Agriculture Use



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MPP Capacitors For Agriculture Use


Agriculture Capacitors Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

MPP Capacitors for Agriculture Use are compact, light-weighted and ergonomic in design. They are known for its high insulation resistance ability. At Lumenx, we develop these capacitors in compliance with industry norms and ensure that clients get best in class products. Some of the salient features of these capacitors are Great and Efficient Design, Long Lasting Life and Low Dissipation Factor.

Great and Efficient Design

Long Lasting Life

Low Dissipation Factor


MPP Capacitors for Motor Run : 50.00 MFD TO 252.0 MFD
Capacitors Tolerance : ±5%
Rated Voltage : 440V
Tan Delta : 0.0002
Rated Frequency : 50HZ

Voltage Test

Between Terminals : 2.00 Times of Rated Voltage
B)Between Body & Terminals : 2000 VAC
Temperature Range : -25oC to 85oC
Endurance Test : 500hrs at 1.25 Times Rated Voltage at 85oC
Confirms to : IS 2993:1998

Capacitors in Brust Proof Design are also available


i) Dielectric : MPP Film
ii) MS Box Case
iii) Polyurethane Resin & Oil Resin (Dry)