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What is an MCB?

“Miniature Circuit Breaker” commonly known as MCB are for better safety and control as they operate as an automatic switch that opens in the event of excessive current flowing through the circuit and once the circuit returns to normal, it can be reclosed without any manual replacement.

MCBs are used primarily as an alternative to the fuse switch in most of the circuits. A wide variety of MCBs have been in use nowadays with breaking capacity of 10KA to 16 KA, in all areas of domestic, commercial and industrial applications as a reliable means of protection.

MCBs are manufactured in different pole versions such as single, double, triple and four pole structures with different fault current levels. Mostly, MCBs are linked to give two and three-pole versions such that a fault in one line will break the complete circuit and hence, complete circuit isolation is provided. This feature will be helpful in case of single phasing in three phase motor protection.

These are rated at 220V for DC supply and 240/415 for AC supply (single and three-phase) with different short circuit current capacity. Typically, single phase devices have load current range of up to 100 A. Some MCBs have facility to adjust its tripping current capacity while some devices are fixed for some load current and short circuit rating.

MCBs are used to perform many functions such as local control switches, isolating switches against faults and overload protection devices for installations or specific equipment or appliances.