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MPP Capacitors For Fans


MPP Fan Capacitors Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

MPP Capacitors for Fans stores energy and provides extra power for the fan motors when they are operating. Since a fan is expected to be operated just by the flick of a switch, it has to employ a continuous rating capacitor in series with its auxiliary winding, which stays energized as long as the fan runs. All Capacitors are designed for continuous duty and with minimum drop in capacitance which decreases the energy cost and also, increases the life span of the fan motor.


IMPP Capacitors for fans : 0.68 MFD TO 4.00 MFD
Capacitors Tolerance : ±5%
Rated Voltage : 440VAC
Tan Delta : 0.0002
Rated Frequency : 50HZ

Voltage Test

A)Between Terminals : 1.5 Times of Rated Voltage
B)Between Body & Terminals : 2000 VAC
Temperature Range : 0oC to 85oC
Endurance Test : 500hrs at 1.25 Times Rated Voltage at 70oC
Confirms to : IS 1709:1984

Capacitors in Brust Proof Design are also available


i) Dielectric : MPP Film
ii) Plastic Case & Aluminium Case
iii) Polyurethane Resin & Oil Resin (Dry)