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Lumenx is one of the leading manufacturers of low voltage switchgear products in India.

We are introducing the new MN range of starters, which are available in Direct-On-Line (DOL) and Star-Delta versions. This range represents the culmination of intensive R&D and extensive field trials. MN starters, comprising MN contractors and MN relays, provide Overload and Single phasing protection to your motors. MN starter family conforms to IS13947-4, IEC 60947-4.

Salient Features of Motor Starter :

  • Conform to IS 13947 (Part 4) & IEC 60947-4
  • Built-in single phasing protection
  • Suitable for Industrial & Rural applications
  • Terminal block for ease of termination
  • Starter enclosure with IP 54° of protection

Applications :

MN starters are available in following versions:
  • Direct-On-Line starter
  • Semi-automatic Star-Delta, starter (SASD)
    • Fully automatic Star-Delta, starter (FASD)
All MN DOL & Star-Delta starters are suitable for 3-Phase Squirrel Cage motors.

Construction :

Our Motor Starters are directly mounted on the contractor. The color of the sheet steel enclosure is two-toned. The box is powder coated and grey in colour. The cover is powder coated with ivory colour. The push button is flush mounted in an enclosure cover, which has been given an altogether `new look’.

Benefits of our Motor Starter
    • Single Phasing Protection: MN relays having phase failure sensitive tripping mechanism provides a reliable Single Phasing protection (includes protection against overload conditions). MN relays are compensated for variation in ambient temperature from -5°C to 55°C.
    • IP 54 Degree of Protection: Our Motor Starters are Corrosion resistant powder coated enclosed with IP/54 protection class, making them perfectly suitable for chemical factories, polluted industrial and dusty agricultural environment.

    • Terminal Block: Our starters are provided with terminal block with proper terminal marking for ease of wiring. Terminal block can accommodate both aluminum & copper cables.

    • Base Plate Mounting: Our starters are mounted on base plate that can absorb vibrations and thus, incurring low cost of maintenance.

    • Electronic Timer: Our starters are automatic since they are provided with an Electronic Timer for high repeat accuracy.

    • Trip Test Facility: This facility enables the user to manually check the operation of the trip mechanism. Move the trip slide in the direction shown on the relay. The relay trips with an audible ‘Click’ sound, indicating that the trip mechanism is in good working order.

    • Off / Reset Push-Button: The relay will trip in case of overloads or single phasing conditions. Simultaneously ‘Alarm Contact’ (97- 98) will close. The motor cannot be restarted until the relay has been reset. To reset the relay, allow the bimetals to cool down sufficiently & push this button to reset the trip contact (95-96). If the relay is in reset condition, pressing this push-button will open ‘Trip Contact’. But now the alarm contact will not close. This indicates healthy operation of the relay mechanism. The trip contact will again close when this button is released.

    • Auto-Manual Reset Switch: Manual and Auto modes are available for reset. By default the relay is in the Manual reset mode and can be converted to Auto reset mode by moving the switch to Auto position marked on the label.