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How to Identify a Bad Washing Machine Capacitor?

Washing machine capacitor and you need to replace it at the earliest :

When a motor first starts up, it needs more power than once it runs continuously. This extra boost of power is supplied by the capacitor, which acts as a battery to store power for when it is needed. If the washing machine capacitor is bad, there may not be enough power for the motor to start and your washer may not work at all. However, the motor may still try to start but struggles because it doesn’t have enough power. This can cause the motor to burn itself out. Your washer might run, but be slow and not work properly or efficiently.

Following are the Repair Steps When the Washing Machine Capacitor Goes Bad :

Replacing the capacitor is no rocket science. However, you need to be cautious while taking the washer apart. The top of the washer has to be unscrewed so it can be lifted out of the way to release the cabinet. The cabinet is then pulled away from the washer, leaving the rear panel in place. The capacitor is attached to the rear panel with a holder and wiring.

The wiring is disconnected from the old capacitor, then the capacitor is pulled out of the holder and removed from the washer. A new capacitor is placed in the holder and attached to the wiring. After that, the washer is put back together and tested to make sure it starts up and runs properly. .

One thing to keep in mind when dealing with a bad capacitor is that if it still holds a charge, you could get shocked from handling it. For that reason, you may not want to attempt changing a faulty washing machine capacitor by yourself. The best way is to call a professional technician to do the repair work.

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